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Friday, October 28, 2016

Essential E-cig Knowledge You Shouldn’t Begin the Vaping Journey Without

A life change starts with bravely letting go of old habits. If cigarette smoking has been part of your life, deciding to quit may well be one of the most difficult decisions you could ever make.

Many people suggest the use of electronic cigarettes or “vaporizers” (Vape or vaping for short); these are battery-powered devices that provide a satisfying vaping experience with the benefit of quelling your need for nicotine and without all the harmful toxins and carcinogens that come along with a standard tobacco cigarette. Vaping also opens up a new world of options for flavoring and enhancing your smoking experience in way that are not possible through any other means

Do e-cigs really help you quit smoking?

E-cigs are known for giving people the same satisfaction that cigarette smoking offers minus the growing list of health hazards, tar, harmful second hand smoke and increasing amounts of chemical additives. One of its best features is that vaping does successfully aid in efforts to quit the habit.

The American Council on Science and Health pointed out a study by Addictive Behaviors Journal to support the claim on e-cigarette use being a useful tool for helping smokers quit. While the results of the study don't generally apply to everyone, it found out that vaping does help significantly reduce the use of regular cigarettes. Of the former smokers who switched to vaping, only 6 per cent had gone back to their old cigarettes smoking habit. Even more astoundingly, 46% of people who originally smoked both electronic cigarettes and tobacco had decided to give up traditional smoking within a 12-month period.

Ready to Start Vaping?

1. Familiarize your choices. We suggest researching e-liquids, the level of nicotine that’s right for you, and reading about the parts and accessories you could be using. There are tons of products for you to browse through on the internet but CustomVapes and E Cigs has done all of the work for you, finding the best quality products and bringing them all together in one simple location.

2. Use the right starter kit. One of the best ways to begin the vaping journey is to look at starter kits designed to meet basic requirements and get you quickly on the right track. are available as a package usually consisting of a vaporizer, stand/case, charger, bottle of e-liquid and user manual.

3. Step up. As you learn more about e-cigarettes and understand the best fit for you in terms of brand, flavor, nicotine strength and others you may decide to get into all of the incredible and fascinating upgrades and additional parts that you can use to customize your vaping experience even further.