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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vaping Mods and How They Work

New vapers may not be overly familiar with all the vaping terminology as there is a lot to get used to at the beginning. One of the more popular vaping terms is a mod, which may seem a bit foreign to novice vapers. Here’s a closer look at mods and how they function. Feel free to visit Custom Vapes and E-cigs in Monroe or Waxhaw, NC for additional insightful vaping tips.

First, the term mod is an abbreviated form of the word modifications. E-cigarettes have mods, but that is just really another term used to describe the part of the E cig that connects the battery and the atomizer. It could also connect the battery to other components such as a tank or a cartomizer.

Vapers have been known to make their own modifications to their custom E cigs and all of those variations became known as “mods”. That is why it can be difficult to encapsulate the term with a simple definition. Mods can even be duplicated by companies and made somewhere else for a much cheaper price. Furthermore, cheaper mods are also subject to cloning.

The whole concept of mods is not generally something that is picked up right away by novice vapers. It actually takes a little while to fully grasp the concept. To make things a little clearer, mods have assumed two different classifications.

The mechanical mod is pretty basic as it does not come with any internal circuit boards. It is essentially a tube with a top and bottom cap that each connect to your battery. There are also ways of locking your mechanical mod. The drawback of these mechanical mods lies in the fact that there are no internal components to keep from draining your battery or shorting out your atomizer.

To compensate for those aforementioned issues in a mechanical mod, there was the creation of regulated mods. These regulated mods are equipped with internal circuitry which will cause it to shut down should a problem occur. Many regulated mods are also equipped with its own OHM reader. Regulated Mods help balance the relationship between current, resistance and voltage, which is an essential part of vaping. But one of the main functions of regulated mods is to ensure battery safety.

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