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Monday, April 25, 2016

The History of the Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have become a normal part of life in modern society. People from all walks of life can be seen using E-cigs globally. But that took some time as the history of vaping dates back to the early 1960’s.

The Beginning

The idea of the electronic cigarette was first introduced in 1963 by a man named Herbert Gilbert. Although it was not the same blueprint for the modern e cigarette, Gilbert’s design was to replace the burning of tobacco and paper with flavored air that was moist. Nevertheless, all the attempts at commercializing Gilbert’s design were unsuccessful. Part of the reason for that is the way smoking was perceived during that era. Health concerns over smoking were not as prevalent as they are today. Also, technology had to do some evolving.

The Creation

It was not until 2003 that e cigarettes as we know it were created. The setting was China and the creator was a pharmacist by the name of Han Lik. His motivation was to create a safer alternative to smoking after his father had died of lung cancer. Lik was able to patent and sell a nicotine-based e cig in China through a company called Ruyan, which actually means “like smoke” in Chinese.

Worldwide sales

E Cigs first made their way into Europe in 2006 and then a year later they started selling in the United States. A year after that, they debuted in New Zealand and Germany. Meanwhile, e cigs were banned in places like Australia, Canada and Panama. In 2009, the state of New Jersey also put a ban on vaping in public, which would later be rescinded. It was during that year that the FDA continued to maintain its stance that e cigs were dangerous.

Tobacco Companies Move In

Tobacco companies ignored the initial attempts made by Gilbert when he first introduced the concept of the e cigarette in 1963. That continued all the way up until 2013. In the ten-year span in which e cigs first started selling, it ballooned to a $1.5 billion a year industry. This caused tobacco companies to take notice and start buying in.

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