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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Evolution of E-Cigs

With any other popular product that is introduced to the public, there are various stages of evolution. The same can be said of the E-cigarette industry. Here is a look at the evolution of E-cigs and how they have grown in such a short amount of time from North Carolina Custom Vapes and E-Cigs.

The Traditional Look

The E-cig industry started out with electronic cigarettes that looked like actual tobacco cigarettes. They were designed that way mainly to make them more appealing as a tobacco alternative while retaining a sense familiarity with consumers. These look-a-likes have evolved into more advanced products, although many people still associate this image with the electronic cigarette. Some of these varieties are disposable and are still in use today.

The Next Generation

E-cigs quickly took on a new look and became a bit bigger than the versions that resembled traditional cigarettes. These mid-size varieties looked more like a type of magic marker. Labeled the second generation of e-cigs, this variety came equipped with a bigger battery. That allows vapers to have more power, enough to last for a couple of days. Color options were also introduced to provide a sleeker look.

The Time for Advancement

The advances started to become a little more technical as Advanced Personal Vaporizers took vaping to another level. These added a little more size and introduced a power source called a Mod. Regulated Mods offered vapers more power and were coupled with an atomizer. This is where vaping seemed to get a bit more complex and paved the way for a whole new era of vape supplies. These APR’s are generally referred to as the third generation of vaping.

The Present

Regulated Mods established themselves as the latest trend and that has been expanded upon in the last couple of years. It marked an exciting time for vapers as low OHM’s and temperature control functions have made regulated mods one of the latest innovations.

The Future

The future is also very exciting as new technology could open the door for revolutionary vaping products. Hybrid devices are slowly making more headway. These new devices are being designed for the purpose of vaporizing e-liquid while also having a draw to pass tobacco which provides a little extra flavor.

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