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Friday, October 28, 2016

Essential E-cig Knowledge You Shouldn’t Begin the Vaping Journey Without

A life change starts with bravely letting go of old habits. If cigarette smoking has been part of your life, deciding to quit may well be one of the most difficult decisions you could ever make.

Many people suggest the use of electronic cigarettes or “vaporizers” (Vape or vaping for short); these are battery-powered devices that provide a satisfying vaping experience with the benefit of quelling your need for nicotine and without all the harmful toxins and carcinogens that come along with a standard tobacco cigarette. Vaping also opens up a new world of options for flavoring and enhancing your smoking experience in way that are not possible through any other means

Do e-cigs really help you quit smoking?

E-cigs are known for giving people the same satisfaction that cigarette smoking offers minus the growing list of health hazards, tar, harmful second hand smoke and increasing amounts of chemical additives. One of its best features is that vaping does successfully aid in efforts to quit the habit.

The American Council on Science and Health pointed out a study by Addictive Behaviors Journal to support the claim on e-cigarette use being a useful tool for helping smokers quit. While the results of the study don't generally apply to everyone, it found out that vaping does help significantly reduce the use of regular cigarettes. Of the former smokers who switched to vaping, only 6 per cent had gone back to their old cigarettes smoking habit. Even more astoundingly, 46% of people who originally smoked both electronic cigarettes and tobacco had decided to give up traditional smoking within a 12-month period.

Ready to Start Vaping?

1. Familiarize your choices. We suggest researching e-liquids, the level of nicotine that’s right for you, and reading about the parts and accessories you could be using. There are tons of products for you to browse through on the internet but CustomVapes and E Cigs has done all of the work for you, finding the best quality products and bringing them all together in one simple location.

2. Use the right starter kit. One of the best ways to begin the vaping journey is to look at starter kits designed to meet basic requirements and get you quickly on the right track. are available as a package usually consisting of a vaporizer, stand/case, charger, bottle of e-liquid and user manual.

3. Step up. As you learn more about e-cigarettes and understand the best fit for you in terms of brand, flavor, nicotine strength and others you may decide to get into all of the incredible and fascinating upgrades and additional parts that you can use to customize your vaping experience even further.


Friday, September 2, 2016

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Friday, June 17, 2016

How Vape Supplies Can Personalize Your Vaping Experience

One of the best parts about vaping is the wide array of choices that allow each vaper to truly personalize their own experience. There are so many different options when it comes to vape supplies that vapers can match their accessories to truly complement their personality.

Theorem Atomizer by Jaybo
To Build or Not To Build
If you are into putting things together, then a rebuildable atomizer may be just the choice for you. This type of atomizer allows you to actually change out the wicks and coils within your RDA, different wire and coil styles will produce different flavors in a juice. If you are not mechanically-inclined, then you can simply purchase tanks that are powerful enough to accommodate your style of vaping.

Flavor Profiles
You don’t have to stick with one type of e-juice as you can experiment with a wide variety of flavors, or even customize your own flavor. Those who are straight to the point about vaping tend to stick with the same kind of e-juice while other vapers like to experiment with lots of different flavors.

Cuttwood Premium E-Liquid
Battery Life
Choosing a battery is largely based on your vaping habits. If you enjoy a powerful vaping experience, then you need a battery with a high current. However, the life of that battery will not last as long as others, and will need to be recharged. Batteries with lower currents last longer, but do not pack the same punch.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The History of the Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have become a normal part of life in modern society. People from all walks of life can be seen using E-cigs globally. But that took some time as the history of vaping dates back to the early 1960’s.

The Beginning

The idea of the electronic cigarette was first introduced in 1963 by a man named Herbert Gilbert. Although it was not the same blueprint for the modern e cigarette, Gilbert’s design was to replace the burning of tobacco and paper with flavored air that was moist. Nevertheless, all the attempts at commercializing Gilbert’s design were unsuccessful. Part of the reason for that is the way smoking was perceived during that era. Health concerns over smoking were not as prevalent as they are today. Also, technology had to do some evolving.

The Creation

It was not until 2003 that e cigarettes as we know it were created. The setting was China and the creator was a pharmacist by the name of Han Lik. His motivation was to create a safer alternative to smoking after his father had died of lung cancer. Lik was able to patent and sell a nicotine-based e cig in China through a company called Ruyan, which actually means “like smoke” in Chinese.

Worldwide sales

E Cigs first made their way into Europe in 2006 and then a year later they started selling in the United States. A year after that, they debuted in New Zealand and Germany. Meanwhile, e cigs were banned in places like Australia, Canada and Panama. In 2009, the state of New Jersey also put a ban on vaping in public, which would later be rescinded. It was during that year that the FDA continued to maintain its stance that e cigs were dangerous.

Tobacco Companies Move In

Tobacco companies ignored the initial attempts made by Gilbert when he first introduced the concept of the e cigarette in 1963. That continued all the way up until 2013. In the ten-year span in which e cigs first started selling, it ballooned to a $1.5 billion a year industry. This caused tobacco companies to take notice and start buying in.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vaping Mods and How They Work

New vapers may not be overly familiar with all the vaping terminology as there is a lot to get used to at the beginning. One of the more popular vaping terms is a mod, which may seem a bit foreign to novice vapers. Here’s a closer look at mods and how they function. Feel free to visit Custom Vapes and E-cigs in Monroe or Waxhaw, NC for additional insightful vaping tips.

First, the term mod is an abbreviated form of the word modifications. E-cigarettes have mods, but that is just really another term used to describe the part of the E cig that connects the battery and the atomizer. It could also connect the battery to other components such as a tank or a cartomizer.

Vapers have been known to make their own modifications to their custom E cigs and all of those variations became known as “mods”. That is why it can be difficult to encapsulate the term with a simple definition. Mods can even be duplicated by companies and made somewhere else for a much cheaper price. Furthermore, cheaper mods are also subject to cloning.

The whole concept of mods is not generally something that is picked up right away by novice vapers. It actually takes a little while to fully grasp the concept. To make things a little clearer, mods have assumed two different classifications.

The mechanical mod is pretty basic as it does not come with any internal circuit boards. It is essentially a tube with a top and bottom cap that each connect to your battery. There are also ways of locking your mechanical mod. The drawback of these mechanical mods lies in the fact that there are no internal components to keep from draining your battery or shorting out your atomizer.

To compensate for those aforementioned issues in a mechanical mod, there was the creation of regulated mods. These regulated mods are equipped with internal circuitry which will cause it to shut down should a problem occur. Many regulated mods are also equipped with its own OHM reader. Regulated Mods help balance the relationship between current, resistance and voltage, which is an essential part of vaping. But one of the main functions of regulated mods is to ensure battery safety.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Latest E Cig Headlines

E cigs continue to make headlines around the world as vaping continues to further immerse itself in the mainstream of society. Here is a look at some of the news that e cigarettes have been making in recent weeks.

NY Judge Hands Victory to Vapers

In early February, a New York judge ruled that vaping is not the same as smoking, therefore bans on electronic cigarettes will not always be enforced the same way as bans on smoking. A New Yorker named Shawn Thomas was fined for vaping on the subway where smoking was not permitted. Thomas took his case to court where he emerged victorious.

UK Considering Prescribing E Cigs

In the UK, smoking has become such a problem that the UK National Health Service is considering prescribing E cigs in an effort to lower cancer rates and fight cigarette use. The NHS has declared smoking to be 95% safer than smoking tobacco. It is estimated that a move to prescribe E cigs would save the NHS billions of pounds annually.

E Cig Popularity Growing

Despite some negative news reports about vaping, its popularity continues to rise. A new study just revealed that 8.8 million Google searches about vaping were done in 2014. Another eye-opening fact is that online searches in The U.S. for e-cigarette information between 2009 and 2015 have become much more popular than searches for traditional cigarettes, such as smokeless tobacco or nicotine gum and patches.

Huge Vaping Convention comes to Detroit

Vape conventions are popping up all over and this March 4-6, a huge gathering will take place in Detroit, Michigan for The Vape Exhibit. Hundreds of exhibitors will be in attendance at the Cabo Center for what will be billed VPX Detroit. Blue Label Elixir is the Gold Sponsor & Badge Sponsor for the event.

Studies working in favor of E Cigs

From 2010 to 2013, electronic cigarette use in the United State doubled, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, and that trend has shown no signs of slowing down. The WHO (World Health Organization) also released a 2015 report that suggested vaping products are less toxic than tobacco cigarettes.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Evolution of E-Cigs

With any other popular product that is introduced to the public, there are various stages of evolution. The same can be said of the E-cigarette industry. Here is a look at the evolution of E-cigs and how they have grown in such a short amount of time from North Carolina Custom Vapes and E-Cigs.

The Traditional Look

The E-cig industry started out with electronic cigarettes that looked like actual tobacco cigarettes. They were designed that way mainly to make them more appealing as a tobacco alternative while retaining a sense familiarity with consumers. These look-a-likes have evolved into more advanced products, although many people still associate this image with the electronic cigarette. Some of these varieties are disposable and are still in use today.

The Next Generation

E-cigs quickly took on a new look and became a bit bigger than the versions that resembled traditional cigarettes. These mid-size varieties looked more like a type of magic marker. Labeled the second generation of e-cigs, this variety came equipped with a bigger battery. That allows vapers to have more power, enough to last for a couple of days. Color options were also introduced to provide a sleeker look.

The Time for Advancement

The advances started to become a little more technical as Advanced Personal Vaporizers took vaping to another level. These added a little more size and introduced a power source called a Mod. Regulated Mods offered vapers more power and were coupled with an atomizer. This is where vaping seemed to get a bit more complex and paved the way for a whole new era of vape supplies. These APR’s are generally referred to as the third generation of vaping.

The Present

Regulated Mods established themselves as the latest trend and that has been expanded upon in the last couple of years. It marked an exciting time for vapers as low OHM’s and temperature control functions have made regulated mods one of the latest innovations.

The Future

The future is also very exciting as new technology could open the door for revolutionary vaping products. Hybrid devices are slowly making more headway. These new devices are being designed for the purpose of vaporizing e-liquid while also having a draw to pass tobacco which provides a little extra flavor.

Custom Vapes & E-cigs is your one-stop online e-cig store that can take care of all your vaping needs. With a vast surplus of products and vape supplies at affordable prices, there is something for everyone. The next time you need to go shopping for E-cigs, visit Custom Vapes & E-cigs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Things You May Not Know About Vaping

Vaping continues to grow in popularity and there is a lot to know about this practice, even for long-time vapers with years of experience. Here is a look at some interesting facts you may not know about e-cigarettes in NC.

Vaping Can Lower Your Insurance

One of the most common questions that is asked when purchasing health or life insurance, is whether or not you smoke. If you do, then your rates are pretty much guaranteed to increase. However, people who vape do not actually smoke and therefore present less of a health risk.

Vapers Can Compete

Cloud competitions are now held throughout the country. In these competitions, vapers stand back to back and duel by blowing clouds as far as they can. Alot of times the contestants use modified custom vapes to get big clouds. The longest cloud ultimately wins. These competitive vapers are referred to as cloud chasers. There are cloud chasing events that even provide prize money for the victors.

Vaping is Being Used to Control Appetite

While eating less is not the primary function of vaping, some people have been known to use it as an appetite suppressant. The flavor in the e liquid helps with this and is being practiced by more and more women.

Vape Was Word of the Year

In 2014, ‘vape’ was named the International Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionaries, not to be confused with the Oxford English Dictionary. The word ‘vape’ was given that distinction for its rise in popularity and usage.

Vaping TV Commercials are Legal

Television ads featuring tobacco cigarettes were outlawed in 1971, although there is no law against airing a television advertisement for an electronic cigarette.

Vaping Does Not Set off Smoke Alarms

Since there is no actual smoke, the act of vaping will not cause a smoke or fire alarm to activate. Vapers blow out water vapor that is produced by a process within an atomizer.

Vaping Originated in China

A man named Hon Lik was searching for a way to get a dose of nicotine without having to rely on combustion. The end result was the first form of vaping in 2003. While the E-cig was first patented in 1963, many of the products are still made in China.

Vapers can now turn to Custom Vapes & E-cigs in Waxhaw and Monroe NC to accommodate all their vaping needs. With a large selection of vape supplies, E-cigarettes and more, this is the one online e cig store that has something for everyone at very affordable prices.

Monday, January 25, 2016

How Switching to E-cigs can Benefit You

More and more people are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to an E-cig. There are plenty of benefits that come with such a change and here is a closer look at some of them.

Less Nicotine
Unlike traditional cigarettes, the use of an electronic cigarette allows the user to control the nicotine levels. There is no need to overdo it and vapers can minimize the amount of nicotine they take in. This is a particularly effective perk for smokers looking to quit.

No Burning Smoke
One recent study found that e-cigarettes’ long-term effects on the lungs are less than that of traditional cigarettes. One of the main reasons cited was because there is no burning smoke inhaled into the lungs. That means that the amount of carbon monoxide inhaled through e-cigarettes is less as well.

No More Ashes
One of the worst things about smoking cigarettes is the dirty and smelly ashes left behind. Ashes are eliminated completely with E-cigs because there is no combustion, which means no more unsightly ashtrays.

Monetary Savings
A pack of cigarettes is downright expensive, no matter what state you call home. One pack of cigarettes has about the same amount of nicotine as one E-cig cartridge and you can get two to three cartridges for the same price as one pack of cigarettes.

No More Stains
Smoking traditional cigarettes can wind up leaving some unwanted discoloration on your teeth. The use of an electronic cigarette comes without the worry of staining your teeth. Say goodbye to the unsightly yellow and brown colors that can be a direct result of smoking tobacco.

Maintain the Smoke Sensation
The use of an E-cigarette will make you still feel like you are smoking. There will still be a vapor cloud, similar to smoke, as well as that hit in the back of your throat. Some e cigarettes are equipped with ends that turn red when you inhale, closely resembling the way a traditional cigarette looks.

No More Cough
Smokers are notorious for a hacking cough that sometimes pieces the ears. This kind of cough is caused by toxins, although vapers do not have to worry about toxins causing any of that irritation to their throats.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Quick Guide to Safe Vaping

The act of vaping has taken the world by storm and while there are less health risks than smoking, there are still some important safety practices every vaper should know. Here are some helpful hints for safe vaping.

Store Your E-Liquid Safely

To make sure that no children or pets get into your e juice, store it in a safe place, preferably topped with a child-proof cap. Drinking high doses could prove to be fatal as it acts as a poison when ingested that way. It is also recommended that e liquid be stored in a place that is dark and cool.

Buyer Beware

When it comes to buying batteries and other kinds of vape supplies, make sure you purchase yours from a reputable dealer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeit batteries and ones that have been repackaged. It is always important to know who you are buying from.

Mind Your Batteries

Should your battery get hot while you are using, it, cease and desist vaping immediately. Also, do not expose your battery to excessive heat in the summer months and be sure to dispose of old batteries properly as they are not intended to wind up in a landfill. Lastly, do not allow your battery to overcharge while on a charger.

Add Water

Vaping can be very enjoyable, but it can also dehydrate you. It’s important to drink a fair share of water while vaping. This is particularly important in the summer months when dehydration can run rampant.

Don’t Vape and Drive

Vaping and driving can be just as dangerous as sending a text message when you are behind the steering wheel. The danger does not come from the effects on your mind, but rather the major distraction that can be created when you are attempting to vape and steer all at the same time.

Heat Resistant Drip Tips

Some vapers have been known to burn their mouths when using drip tips that are not heat resistant. To avoid that problem, try purchasing a drip tip that is made of a material that is heat resistant. This can include ones of the glass, acrylic or ceramic varieties.

Custom Vapes & E-cigs can help every vaper find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are in search of a new drip tip, atomizer, electronic cigarette or any other vape supplies, Custom Vapes & E-cigs has a solution for you.