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Thursday, December 17, 2015

E Cigs More Environmentally Friendly Than Smoking Tobacco

In an effort to make the world a healthier place to live, many products are going green or seeking out healthier alternatives. That is no different when it comes to the world of smoking.

There is no denying the obvious pollution brought on by tobacco cigarettes. They leave behind a thick cloud of smoke an obvious odor. However, the evolution of e cigs has made for a more environmentally conscious world.

Tobacco smokers send upwards of 4,000 pesticides and chemicals into the atmosphere every time they ignite a new cigarette. E-cigs are powered by heat that is used to vaporize an e juice, which is glycerin based. Yet, there is no harmful smoke let out into the environment and there is also no ash whatsoever. That has led to much cleaner, healthier air.

Secondhand smoke has been established as not only a problem, but it has even led to cancer in non-smokers. An electronic cigarette will not disperse any smoke, but rather a vapor that is non-toxic. While it may give off the appearance of smoke, it is actually water vapor that dissipates almost immediately without bringing any harm to anyone nearby.

Pesticides are also sprayed on tobacco plants as a deterrent to insects and other pests. This releases toxins into the air and further affects the atmosphere in a negative way. Some of those pesticides wind up in tobacco cigarettes and do damage to the environment as well as the smoker.

City grounds littered with cigarette butts.
It is also common for tobacco smokers to flick their cigarette butts, leaving them wherever they may land. This contributes to an ongoing pollution problem as the unsightly remains of cigarettes are pretty much everywhere. Nevertheless, there are no butts left by those who choose vaping instead of smoking. Vapers can tuck their E-cigarette away in their pockets and be on their way.

Cigarette butts are also non-biodegradable. That means that wherever they end up, that is where they will remain. It generally takes a cigarette butt approximately 10-12 years to decompose, although that does not account for the toxins which remain for a lot longer. Waste that will not go away is another example of an environment that is not eco-friendly.

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