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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

E Cigs in the News

Every day, the E-cigarette gains more popularity and even those who do not use vaping products are becoming more aware of what’s going on in the vaping world. This topic also continues to grab more headlines and here is a look at the latest stories involving the vaping world.

An interesting take on the electronic cigarette emerged across the Atlantic Ocean as senior researcher David Shaw of the institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel in Switzerland, contends that smoking on E-cigs hospital grounds should be permitted. His contention is that it will eliminate cancer patients and pregnant women going outside of a hospital’s main entrance to smoke. Shaw actually goes on to state that prohibiting the use of e cigarettes in hospitals brings harm to patients and to the wider public.

Recently, there was some not so good news for online e-cig store owners and actual vape shop proprietors. Fortune Magazine revealed that if some new FDA rules are finalized, it would make it necessary for vape shops to sell only e liquid and vape supplies approved by the FDA. The American Vaping Association made the claim that such rules would mean the end for 99% of the companies in the vaping industry. If approved, the rules would require companies to submit FDA applications for all of its products.

The debate about E-cigs continues as no medical information has been released either advocating or condemning their use even as many doctors step forward to support it as a quitting tool. That continues to spawn debate in legal forums as was seen again in early October. The state of Indiana held a legislative hearing on whether vape supplies should be subjected to more taxes and regulations. Indiana has a state smoking rate of 23% and advocates of e cigs are opposing a tax increase.

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