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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Five Ways to Solve Common Vaping Problems

Over the course of the time you spend vaping, there are going to be instances when you hit a snag or two. The good news is there are simple quick fixes to many of the most common issues. The following are some simple solutions all vape enthusiasts can use.

custom vaping e-cigarette, e liquid, atomizer and other vaping accessories
E-cigarette, e liquid, atomizer and other various vaping accessories

Problem: My tank is making a gurgling noise

This happens from time to time. It occurs when there is too much e liquid in the atomizer and it winds up leaking into the airflow holes. Inhaling causes the e liquid that is trapped to gurgle. First thing you should always try is cleaning your tank or clearomizer.  This includes cleaning and drying your airflow, tank, and atomizer housing area.  A good cleaning usually does the trick. If that fails, there may be the need to replace a coil head, wick or atomizer head in the tank.

Problem: My e cigarette has a strange taste

When you discover a strange and often weird taste to your electronic cigarette, it probably means that there is no more e liquid in the cartridge. Sometimes a quick and easy fix would simply be to add more e liquid, but make sure to wait a couple of minutes for your e liquid to absorb into the  atomizer or wicks. Another reason for the strange taste could also mean it’s time for a new coil. If you have been vaping consistently, let your coil cool down and then give it a try again once it has cooled off. You can also check to make sure your atomizer head is clean looking and not brown from over use.

Problem: E liquid keeps going into my mouth

Overfilled tanks can cause this issue; sometimes, it is just human error when it comes to filling the tank. Make sure when filling the tank you do not fill over the center airflow.  This may cause e liquid to rush down into the airflow.  Also as mentioned before, make sure everything is clean while refilling.  Be sure to check under your mouth piece as well. It becomes easier with time, but here is a helpful hint. On new atomizers, also try putting a few drops right on the coil when it a brand new one.

Problem: My power light is flashing

When a power button lights up as soon as you push it, that indicates that the battery is drained an in need of a charge. The fix for that is as simple as charging it up.  However if the problem continues you might want to check your atomizer head or coil to see if it may be time for a replacement.  Also from time to time the top pin on your e cig could be pushed down and not making a connection with both the charger or tank connection itself.  This is generally an issue if the two parts have been over tightened.  We recommend taking it your local vape shop for them to test out and help you with getting this issue resolved.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Important Vaping Tips

Once you have bought your new e cigarette and begin vaping, there are some important points to remember. Here are some helpful tips both the novice and veteran can use every day.

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Storing your e liquid

First and foremost, store your e liquids out of the reach of children and pets. It is recommended that e liquid be stored in a cool place, preferably a dark place as well. Refrigerators are an ideal spot, but even more ideal is a wine cooler. Generally the longer an e liquid steeps the better it can taste. Don’t be alarmed if the color gets darker over the course of time. This is not uncommon and will not affect its quality.

Don’t over tighten your battery

Vaping devices require many different parts, meaning you will eventually have to make your share of connections. It is important to remember not to screw parts onto your battery too tightly. Those parts include chargers, clearomizers and atomizers. When you start to feel resistance, stop screwing. Doing so can not only damage your vape batteries, but other parts as well.

Get a bigger cloud

Many people are looking for a heavier, thicker vapor when using their electronic cigarette or vaporizer. If you push your battery button one second prior to vaping, it will serve the purpose of priming the vaping device. When you have an e cigarette with an automatic battery, try taking a couple of short pulls before inhalation. You may also do some research on variable voltage or variable wattage devices. With these types of devices you can adjust your levels to give yourself a lighter or stronger vapor depending on the setting. Remember the VG or Vegetable Glycerin ratio also effects the vapor production as well. Generally the higher the VG ratio the larger the clouds.

Traveling with your e cig

If you are traveling with your e cig, there are some important points to remember. You can always benefit from having extra batteries or juice. So don’t be shy about loading up. On trips abroad, double check to make sure you have the proper adapter. It also doesn’t hurt to bring your original packaging. Explaining the vaping process to security is not always the easiest process. Also be aware of local vaping laws as there are some places that may not be e cig friendly.

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