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Thursday, December 17, 2015

E Cigs More Environmentally Friendly Than Smoking Tobacco

In an effort to make the world a healthier place to live, many products are going green or seeking out healthier alternatives. That is no different when it comes to the world of smoking.

There is no denying the obvious pollution brought on by tobacco cigarettes. They leave behind a thick cloud of smoke an obvious odor. However, the evolution of e cigs has made for a more environmentally conscious world.

Tobacco smokers send upwards of 4,000 pesticides and chemicals into the atmosphere every time they ignite a new cigarette. E-cigs are powered by heat that is used to vaporize an e juice, which is glycerin based. Yet, there is no harmful smoke let out into the environment and there is also no ash whatsoever. That has led to much cleaner, healthier air.

Secondhand smoke has been established as not only a problem, but it has even led to cancer in non-smokers. An electronic cigarette will not disperse any smoke, but rather a vapor that is non-toxic. While it may give off the appearance of smoke, it is actually water vapor that dissipates almost immediately without bringing any harm to anyone nearby.

Pesticides are also sprayed on tobacco plants as a deterrent to insects and other pests. This releases toxins into the air and further affects the atmosphere in a negative way. Some of those pesticides wind up in tobacco cigarettes and do damage to the environment as well as the smoker.

City grounds littered with cigarette butts.
It is also common for tobacco smokers to flick their cigarette butts, leaving them wherever they may land. This contributes to an ongoing pollution problem as the unsightly remains of cigarettes are pretty much everywhere. Nevertheless, there are no butts left by those who choose vaping instead of smoking. Vapers can tuck their E-cigarette away in their pockets and be on their way.

Cigarette butts are also non-biodegradable. That means that wherever they end up, that is where they will remain. It generally takes a cigarette butt approximately 10-12 years to decompose, although that does not account for the toxins which remain for a lot longer. Waste that will not go away is another example of an environment that is not eco-friendly.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

E Cigs in the News

Every day, the E-cigarette gains more popularity and even those who do not use vaping products are becoming more aware of what’s going on in the vaping world. This topic also continues to grab more headlines and here is a look at the latest stories involving the vaping world.

An interesting take on the electronic cigarette emerged across the Atlantic Ocean as senior researcher David Shaw of the institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel in Switzerland, contends that smoking on E-cigs hospital grounds should be permitted. His contention is that it will eliminate cancer patients and pregnant women going outside of a hospital’s main entrance to smoke. Shaw actually goes on to state that prohibiting the use of e cigarettes in hospitals brings harm to patients and to the wider public.

Recently, there was some not so good news for online e-cig store owners and actual vape shop proprietors. Fortune Magazine revealed that if some new FDA rules are finalized, it would make it necessary for vape shops to sell only e liquid and vape supplies approved by the FDA. The American Vaping Association made the claim that such rules would mean the end for 99% of the companies in the vaping industry. If approved, the rules would require companies to submit FDA applications for all of its products.

The debate about E-cigs continues as no medical information has been released either advocating or condemning their use even as many doctors step forward to support it as a quitting tool. That continues to spawn debate in legal forums as was seen again in early October. The state of Indiana held a legislative hearing on whether vape supplies should be subjected to more taxes and regulations. Indiana has a state smoking rate of 23% and advocates of e cigs are opposing a tax increase.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Choose the Right E-Cig

Options are in great abundance when it comes to vaping and that means there are a vast selection of e-cigarette to choose from. So exactly how do you make the right choice? Here are some tips to help you along the way when choosing the right E cig.

Size Matters

The battery life of your E cig is contingent upon its size. Slimmer E-cigarettes, which resemble real cigarettes, are equipped with batteries that have a shorter life span. For more battery life, vapers can choose from the thicker E cig models that are a little bulkier. It simply comes down to a matter of preference.

The Throat Hit

According to individual taste, vapers may choose to go with an E cig that packs a bit of a punch, also known as a throat hit. It is something you can actually feel in your throat. For those who are looking for a good throat hit, look for e liquid or e juice with higher Propylene Glycol (PG) concentrations. If you are not a fan of the throat hit, go with e liquids that contain higher concentrations of Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both VG and PG are common vaping terms.

Don’t Pinch Pennies

The cost of buying an e cigarette is not measured in the short term. Dedicated vapers tend to favor products that will last. By purchasing a quality e cigarette up front, you will save money on replacing it. You can also buy replacement coils in bulk to save on long term costs.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Vaping Continues To Make Headlines

vaping e-cigarettes, vaping supplies and news
The topic of vaping continues to make headlines all over the globe and especially within the United States. As the popularity of vaping grows, some of its mystery cannot help but wane as the nation learns more and more about this growing trend.

The topic of vaping among teens continues to be a popular topic of discussion that dominates headlines. A recent survey of 2,000 high school students in California revealed that 24% of teens have tried vaping while 9.6% were current users. However, articles like those often neglect to list the percentage of people who were able to quit smoking through the use of e-cigarettes.

Continual talk of the FDA swooping in and enforcing some type of regulations on the sale of E-cigarettes is another popular storyline that continually gets rewritten. Warning labels and child-resistant packing are the latest ways the FDA is threatening to regulate the industry. While stories like these may dominate more of the headlines, there is more positive vaping news to read about.

A recent study in the U.K. showed that E-cigarettes have no toxic effects. The study revealed that because the electronic cigarette uses aerosols, it has no adverse effect on the respiratory tissue. Tests will not stop there as researchers expect to test more E-cigs in a similar way to further prove there is no toxic effects.

In other news, dual atomizers have proven to retain the taste of e liquid for up to two years. This dual atomizer product was introduced earlier this year by a Chinese E-cigarette company named KIMREE. This new design is equipped with an inner atomizer along with a protective cap, which works to create duplicate forms of protection.

However, the advances have no plans to stop there. Currently, KIMREE is working on adding another protective form of technology which will act as a triple atomizer, persevering e liquid for up to three years. Nevertheless, that technology is expected to take another two to three years to be developed.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Future of Vaping

Vaping is a relatively new practice, one that continues to gain momentum in many different circles of society. While its past has been well documented, the future of vaping remains a bit uncertain. The industry is booming with new innovative products from e-cigarettes to e-liquids. However, there are a world of possibilities that consist in the days, months and years to come. Like all new things skeptics are expected but, vaping is gaining ever growing popularity in both social and the medical worlds.

If you have found your love of vaping it’s important to stay up-to-date on related chatter. Here are some of the latest topics vapors are talking about.


It seems as though it is only a matter of time before the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tries to put some sort of stamp on vaping. There has been a growing debate on the potential hazards of smoking e-cigs and sooner or later, the FDA will likely to attempt to intervene. It will also be interesting to see how any regulations affects the industry and its current leaders. Many vapors are sitting back waiting for the FDA to act, while other are just glad to not be smoking tobacco cigarettes.

A Tax Hike

The government could attempt to solve an increase in teen vaping by jacking up taxes. That would also hike up the price of e liquid and other necessary vape supplies. According to a report conducted by analysts at Wells Fargo, the vaping industry will be worth $3.5 billion by the end of 2015. That kind of money cannot be expected to go untouched as higher taxes may be all but an inevitability.

The Techno Factor

Technology seems to be spiraling upward at a rapid pace and with no signs of slowing down, that makes for an exciting future in the vaping industry. One area that is all but guaranteed to improve is battery life. That means much less recharging over the course of a day. The future is also likely to bring about the innovation of more advanced atomizer coils, which have the capability of delivering flavors with much higher potency levels.

More Media

One way or another, e-cigs will likely get more media attention and even air time. It remains to be seen whether that will be in the form of commercials advertising vaping products or anti-vaping campaigns, much akin to those that target tobacco companies. Right now, vaping is still considered to be a subculture by many, although it seems to be only a matter of time before it infiltrates mainstream media more than it already has.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Celebrities Caught Quitting Cigarettes by Vaping

The innovation of the electronic cigarette has helped many people wean themselves off nicotine cigarettes and wind up quitting altogether. That group of people includes a fair amount of celebrities who have used vaping as a way of quitting smoking.

Bruno Mars
Singer Bruno Mars recently invested some of his wealth into an electronic cigarette company called NJOY. Mars did not just haphazardly make this investment, but has shown a personal interest in the product. He began using it in memory of his mother, who passed away from a brain aneurism in 2013. It looks as though Mars has done rather well keeping his promise as photos of him using E-cigs have surfaced with regularity.

Legendary singer Barry Manilow has also benefited from the use of E-cigarettes. He started early when it came to smoking cigarettes and continued for over 30 years before quitting. A relapse later in life had him back into his old habit, although there was now a new alternative. Manilow has reverted to the use of an electronic cigarette and claims that this method still works well for him.

Singer/actress Courtney Love has also come out and publicly endorsed the use of electronic cigarettes, and has even been part of NJOY commercials. Meanwhile, actor Charlie Sheen is not just an advocate for vaping, he has also made his own investment. He introduced his own line of E-cigarette called NicoSheen.

Katy Perry
There are also quite a few celebrities who have been spotted using e-cigs. While some of those celebrities have fallen back to the lure of nicotine cigarettes, their public stance in trying to quit is definitely a move in the right direction. And as the dangers of smoking continue to be life threatening, celebrities like Katy Perry and Johnny Depp will continue to pose for the paparazzi with an E-cig in hand. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Determining Which E-Cig is Right for You

After you make the choice to join the vaping world, next comes the decision of which e-cig is right for you. There is a vast selection and an abundance of options available. Narrowing down your choice comes with learning more about vaping so you can determine which electronic cigarette is right for you.

Kanger EVOD 2 Dual Starter Kit
There are many different brands to choose from, but before making a decision, here are some questions you should answer.

Long-Term or Short-Term?

Determining if you are going to be a long-term or short-term vaper will help you decide on a budget. This will let you know how much money you have to work with. Long-term vapers can customize their e-cigarettes while those looking to use e-cigs to help quit smoking will not need to make a substantial investment, since the plan is to vape for a short-term basis. Once you have a budget, you can start shopping.

To Dispose or Not To Dispose?

A disposable electronic cigarette is much easier to use, but it is more limited in choices. Disposable e-cigs do not come in as many flavors and they also have fewer levels of strength as far as nicotine goes. Less battery life is another drawback of disposable e-cigs while e-cigs that come with a tank are refillable. There are more parts to non-disposable e-cigs, such as an atomizer, drip tip and other accessory vape supplies. There’s a need to learn a bit more when using non-disposable e-cigs.

Strong or Weak?

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, you can determine how much nicotine is in your E-cigarette. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can choose an e liquid with a heavier dose of nicotine and then start to wean yourself off by lowering the doses. You actually have control when it comes to how much nicotine you take in.

Propaganda Widow Maker Premium E-Liquid

A Matter of Taste?

There is a wide assortment of flavors to choose from, which can make for a much better vaping experience. There is also the option of customizing your very own flavors to meet your exact taste when using an e-cig that is equipped with a tank. Figure out what you like as far as taste and then choose accordingly.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

E-Cigs in the News

Vaping continues to take the world by storm and also keeps on making headlines. Here’s a look at some of the latest vaping news from around the globe.

American vaping on the rise
As per an online poll conducted by Reuters, 10% of Americans are now vaping. The poll surveyed 5,679 Americans during the span of time between May 19 and June 4, 2015. That number is on the rise as the Unites States Government estimated the total of Americans using a vaporizer at just 2.6% in 2013.

Child warning labels on e liquid
The state of North Carolina is proposing to put child warning labels on e liquid products used for vaping. If the bill is passed, no e liquid would be permitted to be sold in the state without a warning label on the product.

vaping e-cigarette, e-cig, e cig, electronic cigarette, vaping
E-Cigs as effective as the patch
Last month, it was revealed that a clinical study of E-cigs in New Zealand determined that using e-cigs is just as effective as using a nicotine patch to help quit smoking. 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Five Ways to Solve Common Vaping Problems

Over the course of the time you spend vaping, there are going to be instances when you hit a snag or two. The good news is there are simple quick fixes to many of the most common issues. The following are some simple solutions all vape enthusiasts can use.

custom vaping e-cigarette, e liquid, atomizer and other vaping accessories
E-cigarette, e liquid, atomizer and other various vaping accessories

Problem: My tank is making a gurgling noise

This happens from time to time. It occurs when there is too much e liquid in the atomizer and it winds up leaking into the airflow holes. Inhaling causes the e liquid that is trapped to gurgle. First thing you should always try is cleaning your tank or clearomizer.  This includes cleaning and drying your airflow, tank, and atomizer housing area.  A good cleaning usually does the trick. If that fails, there may be the need to replace a coil head, wick or atomizer head in the tank.

Problem: My e cigarette has a strange taste

When you discover a strange and often weird taste to your electronic cigarette, it probably means that there is no more e liquid in the cartridge. Sometimes a quick and easy fix would simply be to add more e liquid, but make sure to wait a couple of minutes for your e liquid to absorb into the  atomizer or wicks. Another reason for the strange taste could also mean it’s time for a new coil. If you have been vaping consistently, let your coil cool down and then give it a try again once it has cooled off. You can also check to make sure your atomizer head is clean looking and not brown from over use.

Problem: E liquid keeps going into my mouth

Overfilled tanks can cause this issue; sometimes, it is just human error when it comes to filling the tank. Make sure when filling the tank you do not fill over the center airflow.  This may cause e liquid to rush down into the airflow.  Also as mentioned before, make sure everything is clean while refilling.  Be sure to check under your mouth piece as well. It becomes easier with time, but here is a helpful hint. On new atomizers, also try putting a few drops right on the coil when it a brand new one.

Problem: My power light is flashing

When a power button lights up as soon as you push it, that indicates that the battery is drained an in need of a charge. The fix for that is as simple as charging it up.  However if the problem continues you might want to check your atomizer head or coil to see if it may be time for a replacement.  Also from time to time the top pin on your e cig could be pushed down and not making a connection with both the charger or tank connection itself.  This is generally an issue if the two parts have been over tightened.  We recommend taking it your local vape shop for them to test out and help you with getting this issue resolved.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Important Vaping Tips

Once you have bought your new e cigarette and begin vaping, there are some important points to remember. Here are some helpful tips both the novice and veteran can use every day.

e-cigarette, e cigarette,  electronic cigarette,

Storing your e liquid

First and foremost, store your e liquids out of the reach of children and pets. It is recommended that e liquid be stored in a cool place, preferably a dark place as well. Refrigerators are an ideal spot, but even more ideal is a wine cooler. Generally the longer an e liquid steeps the better it can taste. Don’t be alarmed if the color gets darker over the course of time. This is not uncommon and will not affect its quality.

Don’t over tighten your battery

Vaping devices require many different parts, meaning you will eventually have to make your share of connections. It is important to remember not to screw parts onto your battery too tightly. Those parts include chargers, clearomizers and atomizers. When you start to feel resistance, stop screwing. Doing so can not only damage your vape batteries, but other parts as well.

Get a bigger cloud

Many people are looking for a heavier, thicker vapor when using their electronic cigarette or vaporizer. If you push your battery button one second prior to vaping, it will serve the purpose of priming the vaping device. When you have an e cigarette with an automatic battery, try taking a couple of short pulls before inhalation. You may also do some research on variable voltage or variable wattage devices. With these types of devices you can adjust your levels to give yourself a lighter or stronger vapor depending on the setting. Remember the VG or Vegetable Glycerin ratio also effects the vapor production as well. Generally the higher the VG ratio the larger the clouds.

Traveling with your e cig

If you are traveling with your e cig, there are some important points to remember. You can always benefit from having extra batteries or juice. So don’t be shy about loading up. On trips abroad, double check to make sure you have the proper adapter. It also doesn’t hurt to bring your original packaging. Explaining the vaping process to security is not always the easiest process. Also be aware of local vaping laws as there are some places that may not be e cig friendly.

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